Lone Madrone

Lon Madrone


Hailing from disparate sides of the States, it took a rare Portland, Oregon, snowstorm to birth the foot-stompin’, ramblin’ country rock of Lone Madrone when neighbors and founding members Tucker (guitar, vocals, drums/percussion, piano, glockenspiel) and Paxton Scott (electric/upright bass, backing vocals), in an effort to combat cabin fever, started jamming together, quickly penning a few tunes.
While A Safe Heart moves from twangy ditties—like the French-peppered, Lafayette- and Luke Skywalker-inspired “Fishin’ Boat”—to alt-country jams—the punky romp of “Mine Diamond” or the gritty love song “Victory Dance”—to tender touches from a delicate cello (Josh Starmer) on the brief “Take A Stand” followed by the ever-present pedal steel (Paul Brainard) on “Tidewater,” the musical influences are vast.
Lone Madrone’s new, live material contains hints of psychedelic rock while maintaining a roots vibe, mixing the classic songwriting influences of Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash, Neil Young, Tom Waits, and John Prine with the psychedelia of Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin next to the pioneering blues of Son House and Robert Johnson.