Truckstop Darlin’

Truckstop Darlin’


“Then, the headliner, Truckstop Darlin‘ set up and started playing. They are a four-piece combo with electric guitar, bass, drums, and pedal steel. Midway into the first song, I looked over at my wife with a big grin – I’d found a new band that I liked, and they were from my part of the country so I was sure to be able to see them again soon. One thing I really liked about them was that they managed to have a good loud rock sound without burying the excellent pedal steel playing at all, unlike a lot of other bands.


The videos I’d glanced at were OK, but in no way did they convey the energy of their live show.


    truckstopdarlin-promo-2013.jpg                               John Phelan, Matt Phelan, Michael Winter, James Pearson


Two Cow Garage came to mind as a comparison point – not because of any particular similarity in sound, but because of their enthusiasm, stage energy, and pouring everything they had into even a show for a tiny audience. A comparison to TCG is the highest form of praise from me, so you can tell I was pleased. I even bought a CD, even though most days I think the words “recorded” and “music” shouldn’t be used in the same sentence. After the end of the great set, a friend of the band told me that they would be playing another show soon in Seattle, at a venue I like which will have a bigger and hopefully rowdier audience. I’ll be there for sure, and any fan of the kinds of bands covered on this site should not miss any chance they get to see them live!


The epilogue to this story is that when I went to look them up on the internet the next day, I found that and a bunch of other good sites had already written positively about them, and that their album had been mastered by Jon Burbank from ICLASOBITH, so it’s surprising that they hadn’t already been on my radar. Usually my MO for discovering a new band that is to find out that I like them two weeks after they play my town, so I was in luck this time.” Chris Green (