Jeffrey Martin


Jeffrey Martin

Writing about things he doesn’t understand helps Jeff Martin make sense of the world around him. The mystery of songwriting is what draws him to the craft, and it is this mystery that leaves the listener breathless and amazed at the remarkable character of this passionate artist.

Writing compulsively and impulsively, Martin writes deep into his head. An English teacher by trade, he loves music and teaching equally, and the combination of the two keeps him honest. “Songwriting,” he says, “pulls me deep into my head, and teaching drags me back out into the real world.”

“I don’t sit down to write a song so much as I’m sat down by a song,” Martin will say. A sucker for muddy sounds, he likes the odd hiss and crackle, perhaps a chair squeak, in a recording. It is precisely those sounds that reminds him that a living soul is moving about, pouring their soul into the moment.

When you listen to Jeff Martin, you will understand him when he says, “It’s funny how my songwriting, how often a song gets created, has no rhythm, and yet so much rhythm is born of what it brings.”

At just twenty-six years old, Jeff Martin is a product of Eugene, Oregon

July 2011