About Us

The Wildwood MusicFest was created exclusively by grassroots efforts of a caring community in rural Oregon.  We are committed to making this a self-sustaining annual event to showcase emerging artists, promote local food and agriculture, feature regional  micro beers, cider and wine, provide tons of free activities for kids and have a great time all the while being careful to the environment with re-usable cups and tableware.

There are many local organizations involved in making this event possible but the most important ones are the volunteers who put in hours and hours of blood, sweat and tears to ready the grounds, organize the various aspects of the event and dedicate their time and knowledge to making this festival authentic, fun, safe, beautiful and memorable.

A portion of the proceeds will be given to several local non profit organizations including our local Willamina FFA chapter, The Friends of Family Farmers, agricultural and music programs through the West Valley Community CampusTina Miller Youth Center and our local public schools.  The Jeremy Wilson Foundation is also a cause that has been added to the funding as of 2015.

We have a single stage on purpose so the featured artists can have an opportunity to have the attention of all the festival goers and also so you are not having to pick and choose between who you would like to see and have to run from place to place. We are not looking for crazy growth but instead for a core group of people that return year after year.

This is a combined effort of Katie Vinson of Wildwood Hotel and Kim Hamblin of Roshambo ArtFarm to help benefit the communities of the West Valley near Willamina, Oregon.